Aloha Juana

Aloha Juana

With Aloha Juana we want to spread the Hawaiian spirit in our summer 2020 collection.

We travel to Maui to rescue this essence.

Alo means "face to face" and ha is "respite from life" Aloha is hello and goodbye too Aloha represents the spirit of the islands, of the people who inhabit them and what makes the places unique.  

That's how unique we want this collection to be for those who want to enjoy it.

Our prints are inspired by their native dance, the hula hula.

In its typical fruit, the anana.

 In its native flower, the protea

In the wild flowers of the beach

We combine typical Juanero elements such as ñanduti flowers with vintage prints of ethnic tunics.

Long dresses, wide pants and wide tunics are the silhouettes of the collection.

Relaxed, comfortable and versatile garments for day to day either on the beach or in the city.