Who is Juana de Arco

Juana de Arco was born in 1998 in the iconic Palermo Viejo neighborhood of Buenos Aires, Argentina by the hands of designer and artist Mariana Cortes. Inspired by nature, art and the recuperation of Latin-American techniques and textiles, Mariana draws out the textiles and prints that are then hand printed in an infinite variety of color that make each piece one-of-a-kind. Today, Juana de Arco has two flagship boutiques in Buenos Aires and two in Japan; our products are also distributed to specialty stores throughout the US and Europe. 

The 4 pillars of our DNA

Hand Printed exclusive patterns

All our fabrics are hand printed with Mariana Cortes’s designs. With more than 18 years in business Mariana has produced over 150 different patterns that you will discover in our fabrics. 

You can see some of them here.

Hand printed is key in our design DNA as it gives to our pieces a unique artisanal flavor. 

One of a kind

You will find on each piece of Juana a combination of colors and stamps that makes them one of a kind, there will never be two identical, (as you ).

You can see how is our design and production process to get one of a kind items.

Eco friendly

Since our inception in 1998 Mariana has focused in building a company friendly with the environment. She got into the mission of having a NO WAIST policy. 

Mariana started designing items done with the scratches of the production, that is when the NIDO line appeared. Today we have panties, shorts, dresses, necklaces, rugs, t shirts and many other items made from our production scratches.

Consciously made

In our quest to help our community we work with Argentinian social project Enhebrando Metas, it is a social organization that gives jobs to women in social need in Santa Fe Argentina.

They produce our yoga line, kids line and our accessories.

We feel very honored to be able to work with them as a team.